METEOR Essential Rapid Adjust Dumbbells

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METEOR Quick Adjust Dumbbell Set could be your ultimate one-piece dumbbell solution for all, especially for users setting up their gym in limited spaces like a garage, an apartment, or a private PT studio.


  • Replace 16 dumbbells - with eight weight plates and 16-Level of adjustment. The METEOR Quick Adjust Dumbbell can deliver the same weight as 16 individual dumbbells in a fraction of the space, a true space maximizer.
  • Rapid Weight Selection - twist the handle both ways to add/remove weight plates attaching to the dumbbell with the assist of the visual weight indicator. Literally change weights in seconds without the hassle of taking off / loading weight plates.
  • Wide Range - Available in either 30lbs (13.6kg) configuration, or 50lbs (22.7kg) configuration, each delivers 16 levels of weights, which should support the workout level for most users.

16-Level Adjustment

Compact & Versatile

The METEOR Quick Adjust Dumbbell Set measures 460*210*200mm with the storage tray and takes up only a tiny amount of your space.

Imagine what you can do with this dumbbell but without the bulky sizing problem.

  • Sleek Design to match gym fittings
  • Compact Size to fit in any tight corners


Rapid Weight Selection

Replacing an entire dumbbell rack with this space-saving Quick Adjust Dumbbell Set. Each dumbbell measures 30/50 pounds with a wide range of increments to support a comprehensive strength training workout at home.

  • Rapid Weight Selection - Twist the handle to change weights in seconds
  • Sixteen Levels Adjustment - From either 2.5kg to 13.6kg, or 3kg to 22.7kg
  • Solid Construction - Reinforced ABS Plastic Shell + Steel Disc Core, does not wobble during workout
  • Visual Weight Indicator - No more maths loading the dumbbell, the dial tells it all





Innovative Weight System

A compact gear selector with four gear wheels on each side will rotate and lock matching weight plates every time you twist the handle.

Contoured handle with ribbed gel padding to offer a comfortable grip.

Machined Steel Plates

Reinforced steel plates covered with a thick ABS plastic shell. Precisely moulded to match with the gears on the handle so the dumbbell will not wobble or fall out accidentally and hurt the user during vigorous movements.

Visual Indicator

Visualized weight indicator located on both ends of the handle so you can identify the dumbbells current weight top down.

Comes with two units of measurement (lbs) and (kgs) to suit your preference.

Rapid Weight Selection

Twist the handle until the visual indicator shows your desired weight. Handle spins both ways for add/removal, so you don't have to go over all the gears again if you miss it.

*note: For safety reasons, the handle only spins when placed in the base and does not move when taken out.



Brand Meteor For The Winners

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