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Your safety is our concern

Install the bar with a complete safe of mind with the help of the detachable spirit level. When the air bubble is perfectly centred, the pull-up bar is in a parallel position and is good to go—no more hazardous fall-offs.

  • Please make sure the air bubble is in the middle section of the level
  • Always double-check the bar position before workout
  • Do not use outside the weight capacity and perform any dangerous spins and sways.

METEOR Essential Pull Up Bar

A solution for limited space

METEOR Essential Pull Up Bar is a versatile piece of home gym equipment worths your consideration. Completely bolt-free installation is super friendly to apartment users, with no more bolts and screw marks on your door frames and walls. Depending on the mounting position, users can perform most bar-assisted workouts like pull-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups, push-ups, stretchings etc.

  • Optimal Foam Grips
  • Detachable Spirit Level
  • 200kg Maximum Capacity
  • Bolt-free Quick Installation
  • Size S - 69-92cm Adjustable Length
  • Size M - 113-130cm Adjustable Length
  • Dual Safety Locking System





Optimal Grip

Larger than usual contact surface with optimal groove pattern to provide an excellent grip to secure the bar.

Added Pressure

Efficienty converting the downforce to pressure against the contact surface for added safety thanks to the wedge design.

Thick Foam Handle

Tearproof foam handles absorb the pressure to your palms effectively. No more sore hands after long-time hanging.

Interlocking Fasterners.

Rotation will compromise the tightness of the bar and cause unwanted fall-offs. The interlocking fasters will make sure that nevere happens.



Unlock multiple workout styles with the METEOR Essential Pull-up Bar by adjusting the sitting height.

Use it as your traditional pull-up equipment to work on your back muscles, relax your spine and pelvic, or mount the bar lower and use it as an anchor point for push-ups, stretchings etc.

Some users may also combine it with resistance bands, TRX systems or gymnastic rings to turn it into a multipurpose workout station.






Mounting Position: Celling

Secure the pull-up bar to celling height to perform your regular pull-ups, or mixed with resistance bands to use as an anchor point for chest/back exercises.


Mounting Position: Waist Height

Stretch your body without the hassle of putting your foot on your dinner table. Set up the bar and stretch your legs and prepare for your morning run.


Mounting Position: Flexible

By adjusting the sitting height of the bar, users can perform push-ups at different angles to stimulate their chests and arms effectively.

Abdominal Exercises

Mounting Position: Floor

Mount the bar to floor level just enough to tuck your feet in, then perform abdominal workouts without the help of others.



Brand Meteor For The Winners

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