Croch shrimp lure for squid with unique hook is ideal for holding squid. Different colors suitable for different times and different environments. If the sea water is clear and green, the natural color blue is recommended. If the sea water is cloudy, it is recommended to choose an appealing color of the pink type (orange).




Strong Double Hook

Sharp double hook with many needles. Once the prey is hooked, it is almost impossible to escape. There is a very attractive illuminated dot in the middle of the hook. This will secure your harvest.

Professional design

Luminous body + special fabrics + S shape, professional design. This means that this bait has good tracking performance in the water, both day and night, and is very attractive.

Lifelike design

3D eyes + lifelike beard, lifelike design. This makes it look like a real shrimp. Beard and S shape that improve their swimming movements.




Brand Croch AU

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