METEOR Standard Barbells with 25.4mm loadable sleeves

The METEOR Standard Barbells are mainly designed for home gym setups.

A perfect option for users planning on doing a moderate workout at home - gain muscles or get in shape or supplement the regular gym schedule.

Unlike Olympic Bars, which are made of heavier & more heavy-duty material, standard barbells are a great option as they require less investment, are easier to get and do the job just fine.

Typically Standard Barbells does not require as much weight capacity as the Olympic Bars and comes with much less weight capacity because most users purchasing Standard Barbells with not be using them for competition, professional training where a lot of vigorous movement is involved.

But that does not mean that the barbell quality is compromised.

All METEOR Standard Barbells are made with Type A3 Solid Steel which can take up to 150kg in weight capacity, which is considered more than enough for most users.






SDA-14T Dumbbell Handles

The METEOR SDA-14T DUMBBELL HANDLES, aka 35cm dumbbells is a must have for every home gym setup.

It can load up to 30kg net weight of 5kg plates per handle (6* 5kg Meteor Standard Plate) and should be enough for most users.

SDA-16T Dumbbell Handles

The METEOR SDA-16T DUMBBELL HANDLES, aka 40cm dumbbells is an extended version to the SDA-14T Handle.

It can load up to 40kg net weight of 5kg standard plates and is suitable for users seeking maximum challenge.

86cm M-34 Tricep Bar

The tricep bar is an ultimate piece of equipment for anyone looking to target and shape their uppers. Mainly used for triceps, but also suitable for biceps, anterior deltoids, chest and much more.

120cm M-47 Ez-Curl Bar

The METEOR EZ CURL BAR in Standard Version and is compatible with any 25.4mm Standard Plates, is our most sought after barbell in the range.

A great choice for trainers looking to target their biceps and triceps more effectively.





152cm M-60 Technique Bar

The METEOR 152CM TECHNIQUE STRAIGHT BAR is the ultimate allrounder with a wide range of application. The 6kg Standard Barbell version is a popular chocie for begiiner lifters - Male or Female, Young or Old -who are look for moderate training in limited space without heavy investment on longer barbells.

180cm M-72 Crossfit Bar

The METEOR M-72 CROSSFIT TRAINING BAR is a short version of our standard 220cm barbell. It is specifically designed to be used in Multipurpose training, especially for CrossFit Training. Also great for trainers training in limited space but trying to perform weightlifting properly.

Set 1 (35cm Handle+Curl Bar+150cm Bar)

Set 1 Includes: 35cm Dumbbell Handles x1PR + 120cm Ez Curl Bar x1PC + 152cm Technique Straight Bar x1PC --- Suitable for users looking to get moderate weightlifting at home. This set should be able to cover most dumbbell / barbell / isolation exercises for general users.

Set 2 (40cm Handle+Curl Bar+180cm Bar)

Set 2 Includes: 40cm Dumbbell Handles x1PR + 120cm Ez Curl Bar x1PC + 180cm M-72 Crossfit Straight Bar x1PC --- A slight upgrade to the essential Set 1 combo. With the extended lenght dumbbell handles, and longer 180cm crossfit bar, users can now go up to 40kg in dumbbell configuration and 150kg in Barbell configuration.







Secured Spin Locking Mechanism

Unlike the METEOR 50mm Olympic Barbells that require a seperate purchase of locking collars, our Standard Barbells use a spin locking mechanism that allows you to secure weight plates of different thickness with zero gaps. (Collars Included)

Moderate to Aggressive Diamond Knurling

STANDARD DIMAOND KNURLING Each barbell/dumbbell comes with the METEOR Standard Diamond Knurling, multi-purpose knurling with adequate grip and comfort.

Locking Collars with Rubber Trims

*Note: Lubricant is applied to protect the rubber trim on the spin collar. We highly recommend giving it a good wipe with a damp cloth for maximum tightness.

Weight Lifting Specialist

METEOR has been supplying gym equipment and sporting goods for over 20 years now.

Strength Training & Weight Lifting Products (Dumbbells, Barbells, Weight Plates etc.) is an area we take pride of.

Most clients that choose our product will always come back for more.

Solid Steel Construction

Type-A3 Alloy Steel

A barbell's attributes (Maximum Weight Capacity, Whip, Strength, durability, etc. ) are mainly determined by the type of steel used to construct the barbell.

METEOR Standard Barbells made using the Type A3 Performance Alloy with 90,000 PSI Tensile Strength, which can take up to 150kg in weight.

This is often considered a perfect configuration for standard barbells --- Decent weight capacity but not too pricey.

  • Good Whip without Deformation on heavy loads
  • Moderate to Aggressive Diamond Knurling
  • Decent Gripping Area for wider palms
  • Rubber Spaced Spin Locking Collars

Suitable for users of all types


SKU Standard-Bars
Brand Meteor For The Winners

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