METEOR Essential 5PCs Cable Pulley Attachments

METEOR Essential 5PCs Cable Pulley Attachments are sleek and sophistically developed pieces to help users achieve the best results from their pulley machines.

Comes in a range of styles - LAT BAR (wide), LAT BAR (mid), LAT BAR (narrow), V-GRIP (neutral), V-GRIP (inverted) and much more to come.




Image: 5PCs Full Set

Fixed-Angle Palm Rest

A common problem for pulley workout is that users are required to focus on their posture in order to stimulate their target muscle groups.

The wide and fixed angle palm rest will help to correct your posture and reduce the chance of momentum.

  • Biceps, Triceps
  • Lats, Shoulders

METEOR Essential 5PCs Cable Pulley Attachments

A great addition to your pulley machine

Features a wide palm grip for users to place their hands firmly on the bar, the fixed angle palm-rest helps to correct posture and reduce momentum.

Real soft-touch neoprene coating gives you a completely differnt but comfortable touch compare to the classic cable attachments.

Overall a great addition to your pulley machine whether for home gym setups or for commercial facilities.

  • Superior Construction - Constructed with industrial grade carbon steel with great hardness to survive the toughest loads without bending or cracking
  • Soft Touch Finish - Core is covered with a thick layer of neoprene coating, the same material we use on our highly rated toning dumbbells. Anti-slip, Easy to maintain, and offering Optimal Grip.
  • Wide Range Options - The full set comes with 5PCs of attachments, and each features a different length and grip angle., covering most of the common upper body workouts.
  • Fixed Angle Palm Rest - Helsp to perform correct lat postures and achieve great results.





LAT BAR (wide)

This is the bar the gives you a set of beautiful wings. The 800mm+ length keeps your scapula wide open and your latissimus full engaged. Get strong and defined.

LAT BAR (mid)

This bar comes with more agreesive angle than the wide bar and the arms are more extended, allowing you to pull the bar closer to your chest to increase the thickness of your lat.

LAT BAR (narrow)

Perfect for behind-the-head pulldowns without the awkard twists of shoulderes. Targets both your lats and biceps at the same time.




V-GRIP (neutral)

A popular tricep pull-down attachment that isolates your triceps effectively at a different angle to the wrists. Feel the sturdy isolation from every rep.


BICEPS-GRIP : Designed to seet your biceps on fire. Grip this handle with your fingers wrapped around the outside and your thumbs through the holes, and isolate your biceps with some curls.

TRICEPS-GRIP : Made to target weak triceps! Grip the handle with your thumbs through the holes, fingers wrapped around the outside.

V-GRIP (inverted)

Also known as the anchor. A great attachment for performing mix upper body workouts targeting arms, chest and shoulders. Upward facing palm-rests also help to stimulate upper back muscles more effectively.





  METEOR 5PCs Cable Pulley Attachment METEOR Classic Cable Pulley Attachment
Core Material Carbon Steel Carbon Steel
Shell Material Soft-Touch Neoprene Chrome
Connection Type Fixed Revolving (depending on models)
Durability Excellent Excellent
Grip Angle Fixed Flexible





Brand Meteor For The Winners

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