METEOR 38mm Heavy Duty Battle Ropes in 9m / 12m / 15m / 18m

METEOR Heavy Duty Battle rope is a must-have tool for anyone looking to pack on lean mass.

Adding a battle rope to your routine provides a killer cardio workout without the monotony that comes with other aerobically-focused activities. You'll sweat bullets while you swing, no matter what you're training to do — the possibilities are endless.



Battle ropes go way beyond alternating waves. You can use them to improve rotational and multiplanar strength and stability, scapular health, force production, and if you control your breathing and keep the intensity low, they can even be used as a decompression tool to help the body relax.








Heatshrink End Caps

Rope ends are securely fastened by heatshrink caps for extended durability.

Multi-Strand Poly Decron

Poly Dacron threads are ultra wear resistance even under the roughest surfaces.

Thick Vinyl Covered Handles

Handles are covered by thick vinyl to add extra grip and protection to palms.


Common Rope Mounting Methods





Gym Rack Fixing

Tie the battle rope around fixed rods or power racks and quickly jump start your exercise.

Backyard Tree Fixing

Tie the battle rope around properly grown trees in your backyard or suburb parks and enjoys the fresh air outdoor.

Concrete Pole Fixing

Tie the battle rope around a stable concrete pole in any indoor facilities and workout whenever you like.

Car Bumper Fixing

Tie the battle rope around a car bumper and turn your favourate car into a mobile exercise ground.


METEOR Battle Rope Anchors

If you are looking for a proper way to mount your battle rope, try out our battle rope anchor options.

Available in either FIXED MOUNTING or FLEXIBLE ROPE style, the METEOR Battle Rope Anchors allows you to securely fasten your rope and exercise in maximum potential.


  • Left Image: METEOR FIXED MOUNTING ANCHOR with 4x expansion screws.
  • Right Image: METEOR FLEXIBLE ROPE ANCHOR with quick-release carabiner.




Brand Meteor For The Winners

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