METEOR Quick Dry Microfiber Sports Towel - Lightweight & Absorbent Towel for Gym, Travel, and Outdoor Activities

Experience ultimate comfort and convenience with the METEOR Quick Dry Microfiber Sports Towel. Designed for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and adventurers, this towel is a must-have accessory for all your activities. Whether you're hitting the gym, going on a hiking trip, or enjoying a day at the beach, this towel provides exceptional absorbency, quick drying, and portability. Made from high-quality microfiber, it offers a soft touch and is gentle on the skin. With multiple sizes and vibrant colors to choose from, finding the perfect towel for your needs is easier than ever. Upgrade your gear with the METEOR Quick Dry Microfiber Sports Towel.

Key Features:

  • [VERSATILE SIZES TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS] Choose from four convenient sizes: S (42 x 55 cm), M (50 x 90 cm), L (80 x 130 cm), and XL (110 x 175 cm). Whether you need a compact gym towel or a large beach towel, we have the perfect size to meet your requirements.
  • [SUPER ABSORBENT AND QUICK DRYING] Our microfiber towel can absorb up to five times its weight in water, making it ideal for intense workouts or swimming sessions. Its quick-drying properties ensure that you won't have to wait long for your towel to be ready for use again.
  • [EASY PACKING AND HANGING] Each sports towel comes with a convenient carry bag, allowing you to pack it away neatly and separate it from other items in your bag. The quick-snap hang loop provides easy hanging on towel racks, branches, or beach umbrellas.
  • [ULTRA-SOFT FEELING ON YOUR SKIN] Crafted with the finest blend of microfiber, our towel offers a luxurious and gentle touch. It's perfect for drying off after swimming, intense workouts, backpacking adventures, or even hot yoga sessions.
  • [VERSATILE AND PORTABLE] The METEOR Quick Dry Microfiber Sports Towel is not only suitable for sports and fitness activities but also for travel, camping, and everyday use. Its lightweight and compact design make it easy to carry in your gym bag, backpack, or suitcase.

Size Guide:

  • S (42 x 55 cm): Ideal for using as a gym towel or a small towel for on-the-go workouts.
  • M (50 x 90 cm): Perfect for general fitness activities, yoga, or as a compact travel towel.
  • L (80 x 130 cm): Great for beach days, camping trips, or as a larger gym towel for extra coverage.
  • XL (110 x 175 cm): Designed for beach enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers, or anyone who prefers a spacious and comfortable towel.


  • Product: METEOR Quick Dry Microfiber Sports Towel
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL
  • Colors: Navy Blue, Grey, Turquoise, Light Blue, Lime, Pink, Black, Purple
  • Packaging: Poly Bag
  • Condition: Brand New


Brand Meteor For The Winners

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