Kettlebells are exceptional training equipment, allowing the development of total body strength, power and endurance.

They work the body across a wide range of angles, such as workouts involving squats, throws, snatches, rotational swings and more.




Solid Cast Iron

METEOR kettlebells are built to last in the test of time. We only use refined metal orbs in our casting process, resulting in significantly less air bubbles and sand holes. Thoughtfully Constructed - no welds, weak spots, or seams.

Wide Contoured Handle

SMOOTH & COMFORTABLE Smooth, slightly textured handle to provide a comfortable & secure grip for high reps, makes chalking unnecessary.

TWO-HAND APPLICATION Handles are wide and thick enough for two-hand usage, which means you can use it to do exercises like kettlebell squats.

Choice of sizes

Available in 4kg, 8kg, 12kg, 16kg and 20kg at your choice. You can always find the suitable weight for almost all workout types: swings, dead lifts, squats, get-ups & snatches




Brand Meteor For The Winners

Great product

17 November 2020
I ordered this product (after ordering multiple kettle bells from other providers that were cancelled), it arrived in a few days and is great.

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