METEOR Essential Full Rubber Bumper Plates

Introducing our 450mm spec full rubber bumper plates. Built to withstand drops from overhead - prioritizing your safety while challenging for more reps. It also helps to protect your platform, floor, mats and bars from damage.


Durable and Aesthetically Pleasing

Available in 2.5kg / 5kg / 10kg / 15kg / 20kg / 25kg to suit your training.

  • 450mm IWF Unified Sizing
  • For Olympic Barbells with 50mm Loadable Sleeves
  • Full Rubber Construction to absorb dropping impact

These bumper plates are either sold in pairs or in singles. Details are as follows:

- 2.5kg Plates (Sold in Piars)

- 5kg Plates (Sold in Pairs)

- 10kg Plates (Sold in Pairs)

- 15kg Plates (Sold in Singles)

- 20kg Plates (Sold in Singles)

- 25kg Plates (Sold in Singles)

*Important Note - Due to low thickness, the 2.5kg & 5kg Plates are not to be dropped alone on the barbell. Doing would result in deformation on the plates.


Image Displayed: 5KG Bumper Plate

Full Rubber Construction

Each Meteor Rubber Bumper Plate features a full rubber construction with natural rubber instead of recycled rubber, which means excellent structural integrity for maximum impact absorbtion.

  • Designed to be low bounce when dropped.
  • Lesser bounce means lesser force being transferred to the barbell.
  • Users can now focus on body form for a more precise performance while challenging their limits.


Outstanding Performance

Unnlocking Ultimate Versatility for Your Training

Perfect for any Olympic or Power Lifters, Body Builders, Toners, or Sculptors. These plates fits on any Olympic, Powerlifting, Crossfit Barbells/Dumbbells, or any custom equipment with 50mm loadable sleeves.

Whether you are purchasing these plates to go with your Meteor Barbells, or to use on your original setup, they bestow innumerable options.

Pluse, we have a wide range of compatible weightlifting equipment to unlock your training possibilities.

  • Low Bounce Construction to absorb dropping impact
  • 450mm Unified Diameter to meet the IWF standard
  • For Barbells & Dumbbells with 50mm Loadable Sleeves
  • Steel Center Ring Insert to protect your equipment
  • Visual Weight Identification with Color Coding




Product Highlights





Visual Weight Identification with Color-Coding

Each bumper plate is color-coded with raised letters for quick visual weight identification on training.


  • Grey - 2.5kg
  • White - 5kg
  • Green - 10kg
  • Yellow - 15kg
  • Blue - 20kg
  • Red - 25kg


Steel Ring Inserts in the Center

Equipped with a steel ring inserted into the center to protect the plates from repeated loading. Adds smoothness for a pleasant plate loading experience.

Also protects the barbell sleeves from unwanted scratches in the long run.

Raised Edges for Easy Handling

Each bumper plate is equipped with raised edges to add a bit of depth to the look. It also allows users to grab the plates without hurting their fingers. Quickly load your plates without hassle.



  METEOR Cast Iron Plate (Discontinued) METEOR Rubber Olympic Plate METEOR Stainless Steel Plate METEOR Urethane Plate METEOR Full Rubber Bumper Plate METEOR IWF Bumper Plate
Cost Low Moderate Moderate Expensive Moderate Expensive
Structural Integrity Poor Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Outstanding
Unified Sizing X X X
Product Life Poor Long Long Outstanding Outstanding Outstanding
Drop Absorption Poor Excellent Moderate Outstanding Outstanding Outstanding
Maintenance Hard Moderate Moderate Easy Easy Easy
Appearance Poor Excellent Outstanding Excellent Excellent Excellent





Brand Meteor For The Winners

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