METEOR Essential 20kg Adjustable Cast Iron Dumbbell Set

If you are looking to advance your home gym without a heavy investment, or if you are looking to purchase a single set of equipment with maximum training possibilities, this Meteor Essential Adjustable Dumbbell Set is one of the options you should consider.


Key Features to Consider

  • [ Barbell Connector Included] The set comes with a steel barbell connector to connect the two dumbbell handles and turn the set into a CrossFit barbell in seconds.
  • [Extended Loading Space] The loadable sleeves are 14cm long, 5.5cm longer than other adjustable dumbbell sets available on the market. Longer loading spaces mean you can load more plates as you progress in strength, saving you the hassle of replacing the equipment.
  • [ Upgraded Locking Collar] Most customers criticized the traditional spiral collar that becomes loose quickly during motion but no more. We increased the thickness of the collar so that it has a larger contact area against the barbell sleeve. We also added butterfly screws to lock the collar in place.

Item Displayed: The 20kg Basic Set

Butterfly Screws

One thing customers criticized most is the old spiral-locking collar that comes with the steel handles. It contains only a rubber o-ring to offer a grip against the sleeve and will become loose quickly. Users had to stop frequently during exercise to tighten the collars again so that the plates won't fall on their feeT.

  • [RUBBER O-RING] The rubber o-ring is still in place to provide cushioning and grip against weight plates.
  • [THICKER SPEC] The collar is thick and solid. A larger contact space against the sleeve means a larger grip against the sleeve.
  • [BUTTERFLY SCREW] Tighten the screw once the collar is in place. The screw will bite into the groove of the handle sleeve, making the collar extremely difficult to come off.

METEOR Essential 20kg Basic Dumbbell Set

Extendable to 30kg | 40kg Set As Well

Each 20kg Basic Set Includes the following components (also see below component chart for details):

  • 2x Steel Handles
  • 1x Barbell Connector
  • 4x Screw Collars
  • 4x 0.5kg Weight Plates
  • 4x 1.25kg Weight Plates
  • 4x 2.5kg Weight Plates
  • 1x Hex Key
  • 3x Spare Hex Bolts


  • [25.4mm Diameter] The Handle Loadable Sleeves & Weight Plates are in 1-inch/25.4mm diameter and is for standard plates only. For upgrades, please double check dimensions of your existing equipment.
  • [Upgrading to 30kg Set] To upgrade the basic set to 30kg, please purchase our 10kg Weight Plate Pack (Contains 4x 2.5kg Weight Plates)
  • [Upgrading to 40kg Set] To upgrade the basic set to 40kg, please purchase our 20kg Weight Plate Pack (Contains 4x 5kg Weight Plates)





The loadable sleeves are 5.5cm longer than other adjustable dumbbell sets available on the market. More extended loading spaces mean you can load more plates as you progress in strength, saving you the hassle of replacing the equipment.

With our thin profile weight plates, the set can be upgraded from 20kg to 30kg, 40kg or even heavier to suit users with different strengths. With this one set, you are getting a whole bunch of dumbbells and barbells to cover most workout needs.


Features a CARBONATED IRON CORE with fewer air bubbles and sand holes, which means improved structural strength and durability. Will not bend or break after repeated use, ensuring optimal performance over a long period. Fits all dumbbells and barbells with 25.4mm/1-inch loadable sleeves—solid cast iron construction with a thin profile suitable for a wide range of resistance exercise


Type A3 Performance Alloy with 90,000 PSI Tensile Strength. (Most common barbell configuration >>> Perfect Balance of Cost & Performance).

STANDARD DIAMOND KNURLING Each handle comes with the METEOR Standard Diamond Knurling, multi-purpose knurling with adequate grip and comfort.


Exercises You Can Do With The Set



Brand Meteor For The Winners

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