METEOR CommercialGrade Urethane Dumbbell

Originally designed for commercial gyms and serious home trainers.

One-piece forged construction, giving you the ultimate workout and safety knowing that the item you use is in best quality.

Available from 2.5kg to 50kg with a 2.5kg increment.


The main image displayed does not necessarily represent the weight you are purchasing.

Please select the correct option for your desired weight configuration. (See option name and product title for details)

If you are not sure what you are buying, feel free to consult with before placing an order.


Our diamond knurling is highly rated by our customer for its optimal grip and palm-friendly sharpness.

Engraved to the right dept - Providing optimal gripping without hurting your palms.

You'll notice the difference the moment you grab them.


We use the highest quality urethane - the best material to use on strength training equipment.

Urethane is considered a commercial-grade application and is generally used by gyms, studios and serious lifters because of its exceptional drop resistance and durability.

The good thing about Urethane is that the thick urethane shell is extremely durable, and is odourless and doesn't tear, mould or fall apart like traditional rubber.

If you're looking for reliable & high performing plates that you can count on for all of your lifts, look no further than Urethane constructed products.

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  METEOR Essential Home Gym Dumbbell METEOR Anti-Slip Vinyl Dumbbell METEOR Rubber Hex Dumbbell METEOR Pro-Grade Urethane Dumbbell METEOR Adjustable Dumbbell
Cost Low Moderate Moderate High High
Adjustable No No No
Durability Low (PVC Shell with Cement Filling will crack and degrade over time) Moderate (Solid Iron Core but Coating will oxidate and crack if not maintained properly) Moderate (Rubber Head will harden and crack over time due to oxidation) Excellent (Extremely durable and chemically stable) High (LAST FOR A LONG TIME IF SERVICED PROPERLY)
Impact Resistance Low (Cement Filling is not made for dropping & heavy slamming) Moderate (Dent and Chipping is highly likely) High (Rubber Head with Flat Bottom absorb the impact efficiently) Excellent (Micro chambers of the urethrane shell absorb is extremely efficient in impact absorption) Low (The complex mechnism will be compromised if dropped or slammed)
Odour Level Moderate Moderate Low Odourless Moderate


Brand Meteor For The Winners

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