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2. This is an Olympic Spec Weight Plate with a Center Hole of 50mm, and suits Olympic Bars Only. Please make sure your barbell is the compatible size before placing an order.




Specialized in Weight Lifting

METEOR has been supplying gym and sporting goods for over 20 years now.

With all the weight lifting & strength training products made in house, we are confident with the quality we offer to our customers.

  • Dumbbells
  • Barbells
  • Weight Lifting Plates
  • Benches & Racks
  • Accessiores & Protective Gears

METEOR Olympic Triple-Grip Weight Plates

Come with a tri-grip design and are more functional than ever. These user-friendly plates have generous-sized grips, making them easy to be picked up from floors or racks. The recessed edges eliminate the risk of pinched fingers when stacking. The ergonomic grip areas also unlock the possibility of more free weight exercises other than powerlifting.

  • Compatible with Olympic Barbell/Dumbbell with 50mm Loadable Sleeves
  • Features Solid Cast Iron Core//Steel Trim Center Ring//Thick Rubber Coating
  • 2.5KG - Suits serious lifters looking to push their limits
  • 5KG - A good choice for beginner lifter who wants to start light
  • 10KG - Our most popular weight configuration
  • 15KG - Great advanced level weight, also very polular as hand held free weight
  • 20KG - Heaviest in the range. Must have for serious gym setups




Solid Cast-Iron Core

We only use refined metal orbs in the casting process. Features a solid cast-iron core with fewer air bubbles and sand holes, which means improved structural strength and durability. The handheld weight will not bend or break after repeated use, ensuring optimal performance over a long period.

Steel Trim Ring

Center Hole is covered with a steel trim ring machined to a fine finish, providing a smooth plate loading experience.

The trim ring also seals the rubber edges perfectly and isolate the iron core, so that product life is significantly prolonged.

50mm Olympic Specification

Suitable for all Olympic Weightlifting Barbells/Dumbbells with a 50mm shaft.

Smooth and Quick plate loading experience allowing users to jump start their workouts, or adjust the weights without hassle.


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  METEOR Cast Iron Plates (Discontinued) METEOR Rubber Olympic Plate METEOR Stainless Steel Plate Meteor Urethane Olympic Plate Meteor Rubber Bumper Plate
Cost Level Low Moderate High Expensive Expensive
Structural Integrity Poor Excellent Excellent Excellent Outstanding
Unified Sizing X X X
Product Life Poor Long Long Outstanding Outstanding
Drop Resistance Poor Excellent Moderate Outstanding Outstanding
Maintenance Hard Moderate Moderate Easy Easy
Appearance Poor Excellent Outstanding Excellent Excellent


Brand Meteor For The Winners

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