METEOR Essential 6pcs Resistance Loop Set

Upgrade your fitness routine with our premium resistance bands, engineered for durability and versatility. These bands offer a personalized training experience, enabling you to scale from beginner to advanced levels seamlessly. Each band comes in a standard 500mm length, making them ideal for an array of workouts—from strength training to rehab exercises.

Six Resistance Levels:

  • Level 1 Pink 2.6-3.9kg
  • Level 2 Red 3.4-5.9kg
  • Level 3 Blue 6.5-9.4kg
  • Level 4 Green 7.5-11.6kg
  • Level 5 Yellow 9.4-14.8kg
  • Level 6 Black 12.4-18.6kg

Stack multiple bands to adjust and achieve varying levels of resistance, creating a workout that's tailored to you. Crafted from natural latex through advanced Liquid Molding technology, our bands assure lasting elasticity without added glues or additives. This material also makes the bands odorless, allowing for a more comfortable and less distracting exercise environment.

Included in each package is a convenient Meteor Storage Bag and six bands in vibrant, Olympic-inspired colors.

*Note: To extend the lifespan of your bands, avoid rough surfaces or sharp edges. For fitness enthusiasts seeking reliability, flexibility, and superior quality, these resistance bands are your go-to choice."


Full Body Training with One Versatile Set!

Discover the ultimate tool for total body transformation. With our resistance bands, one set is all you need to target and sculpt multiple muscle groups.

From tightening your glutes and toning thighs to strengthening the chest, back, and core - each band is designed for precision. Train your biceps, triceps, shoulders, lower back, and abdominals, ensuring a comprehensive workout with just this single, versatile set.

No need to clutter your space with multiple tools. Our bands cater to every major muscle group, ensuring you get the workout you deserve. Elevate your fitness journey with a tool that's as versatile as your ambitions.


Box Contents: What you get in the set

*Product Image Captured Under Natural Light

Experience the true essence of our bands. The colors, the texture, and the build – all captured in natural light to bring out the authentic beauty and quality of our product.

  • Vibrant, Olympic-inspired colors to easily identify resistance levels.
  • Smooth texture ensures a comfortable grip and usage.
  • Designed for both beginners and seasoned fitness enthusiasts.
  • Maintain hygiene with simple cleaning methods.


Complete Resistance Training Set

Your all-in-one solution for a total body workout

Every component of this set is carefully designed with your fitness goals in mind. From the diverse range of resistance levels in the bands to the convenient carry bag, we provide a comprehensive package for your strength training and toning needs.

  • Six Color-Coded Levels: Six color-coded resistance bands with dot markings and numerical indicators for varying intensity.
  • Durable Natural Latex: Durable natural latex for longevity and performance
  • Odorless Material: Enjoy a distraction-free workout without any unpleasant smells.
  • Packaged for Product Integrity: Packaged securely to ensure product integrity upon arrival
  • Versatile Workouts: Suitable for strength training, toning, flexibility, and more.
  • Space-Saving: Perfect for home use, travel, or on-the-go exercises.
  • Stackable Resistance: Combine multiple bands for customized resistance levels.
  • Inclusive Fitness: Suitable for all ages, fitness levels, and workout goals.



Find Your Perfect Resistance Match

Dive into our comprehensive guide below to discover the recommended uses for each band. Remember, these are just suggestions to get you started! For a more tailored or intense workout, feel free to stack multiple bands together:

  1. Pink (2.6-3.9kg resistance) "Beginner Level: Ideal for rehabilitation and light exercises. Suggested for: wrists, ankles, and warm-ups."
  2. Red (3.4-5.9kg resistance) "Light Resistance: Perfect for flexibility and toning. Suggested for: arms, shoulders, and calves."
  3. Blue (6.5-9.4kg resistance) "Intermediate Level: Suited for progressive strength training. Suggested for: legs, chest, and back."
  4. Green (7.5-11.6kg resistance) "Moderate Resistance: Great for resistance-based exercises. Suggested for: biceps, triceps, and glutes."
  5. Yellow (9.4-14.8kg resistance) "High Resistance: Targets large muscle groups. Suggested for: thighs, abdominals, and upper back."
  6. Black (12.4-18.6kg resistance) "Expert Level: Maximum resistance for intense sessions. Suggested for: full body workouts, compound exercises."






Nature's Gym Awaits

Elevate your outdoor workouts with our portable resistance bands. Whether you're in the park or at the beach, our bands pack easily and provide diverse resistance levels for any exercise. The perfect companion for outdoor fitness, enhancing muscle toning and strength wherever you are.

Transform Any Corner into a Fitness Zone

No gym? No problem! Our resistance bands integrate seamlessly into your home routines. Compact and versatile, they're ideal for space-saving workouts, turning any room into a personal fitness studio. Experience a full-body workout without bulky equipment.

Accelerate Healing & Regain Strength

Designed with recovery in mind. Our bands offer gentle resistance, making them perfect for rehabilitation exercises. Whether you're bouncing back from an injury or looking to improve mobility, our bands assist in regaining muscle function and joint flexibility.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Engage in group sessions or personal training with the adaptable resistance of our bands. They allow trainers and participants to customize resistance, ensuring each individual gets the most out of the session. Perfect for classes, PT sessions, and group workouts.


Unleash Your True Potential!


Choose wisely. Choose strength. Choose Meteor.

Step up your fitness journey with our premium resistance bands, tailored for every level of intensity and goal. From novices to fitness pros, this set is your ultimate companion. Don't just follow the fitness trend; lead it with quality, versatility, and innovation. Be part of a community that chooses excellence with every stretch and pull.


Brand Meteor For The Winners

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