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METEOR Essential Fabric Hip Bands are available to order individually or in sets. They are a versatile accessory for your mobile training arsenal.

Perfect for lower body workout by offering more support and resistance to help shape legs, hips, glutes, ankles, and calves.

Featuring a wide and soft elastic fabric with inner silicone weaving to prevent sliding and discomfort during vigorous motions.

The bands come in (3) colour-coded options and each measure 80mm in width while vary slightly in length, resulting in a difference on the overall resistance level.

Each band is specialized for a specific training intensity (Light/Moderate/High).


Lightweight Hip Band

The pink, low-resistance hip band is great for beginners and occasional trainers.

Mild resistance level and a wide contact area help to keep legs and thighs in a neutral position, reducing the chance of muscle momentum thus maximizing workout results.

PINK = 5kg - 10kg Resistance


Moderate General Band

The mid-level hip band is for advanced users who are now getting used to the resistance training.

Applications include banded squats, glute bridge, lunges, leg raises, and other training that covers lower body muscles like thighs, calves, quads and glutes.

MINT = 10kg - 20kg Resistance


Intensive Monster Band

The monstrous intensive hip band is the strongest of the range and offers maximum resistance for high-level squats, lunges, and jumps.

Generally recommended for experienced trainers and professional athletes seeking the ultimate challenge.

GREY = 15kg - 30kg Resistance



A Wide Range of Applications

METEOR Essential Hip Band fills the gap of your free weight and equipment training and is a great set for your mobile training arsenal.

Featuring Lightweight and durable fabric bands to carry and train anywhere at your convenience.

The 80mm width and inner silicone weaving make sure the band sticks close to your thighs and calves with no rolling even in the vigorous motions.

Whether you are a general exercise looking to add some challenge to your routine training, a private instructor trying to develop more customized workouts for your clientele, this is an excellent option for you to consider.




Reinforced Stitching

Securely bonded together by reinforced double stitchings, the loop closure will probably never come off throughout the entire product life, giving you a complete safe of mind during the workout.

High-Density Weaving

Resistance bands, especially latex resistance bands are prone to tearing and snapping especially when they are used on rough surfaces.

The fabric hip band overcomes such problem with ultra-dense fabric with heavy-duty seaming inside out.

Silicone Weaving

Comes with silicone weaving on the inner surface that helps to keep the hip band in place.

No more rolling around and stopping in the middle of an exercise to adjust the band position.



Brand Meteor For The Winners

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