METEOR Essential 11pcs Resistance Tubes Set

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METEOR Essential 11PCs Resistance Bands Set is a versatile mobility set for your personal training arsenal.

The bands are made from latex-based elastic, with full-size carabiner on both ends that can be attached to pull-handles, ankle straps, thigh straps, door anchors and so much more to facilitate a wide range of training.

Each band features a base length of 120cm, delivering incrementally greater resistance as it is stretched.

The set includes:

(5x) Latex Resistance Bands

(2x) Hexagon Grip Handles

(2x) Foam-Padded Ankle Straps

(1x) Door Anchors

(1x) Travel Carry Bag



Improvements are on details

There are many resistance bands set out there on the market to choose from, but finding the right one is never easy. METEOR continues to improve our resistance bands series by listiening to our customers feedbacks.

You will notice the subtle differences and attention to details the moment using our product.

  • Thick & Solid D-Rings
  • Full-size Metal Carabiner
  • Properly sealed tube ends

METEOR Essential 11PCs Resistance Bands Set

Remaking the classic with improvements

METEOR Resistance Bands are quality-made, conveniently portable, and practical for gym or home use. By selecting the right size band for training goals, any athlete can add a useful, custom resistance element to countless strength and mobility training movements, from rows and presses to bicep curls, tricep extensions, shoulder raises, etc.

  • NATURAL LATEX TUBING are chosen over the traditional cost effective TPU material, offering an excellent and consistant elasticity.
  • THICK & HEAVY DUTY TUBING means much longer product life, also less safety concerns for snapping bands during workout.
  • HEX-GRIP HANDLES that are wider and firmer to hold compare to the filmsy foam handles on the market. Absolute confidence and control on every workout.
  • FOAM-PADDED ANKLE WRAPS offers a firm and comfort attachment for legs, thighs, butt and many other lower body workouts.







Utilising the five bands and attachments in the set to gear up different combos for various exercises, warm ups, progressive workout or fades.

Experienced trainers also use the bands to add resistance for high-level squats, presses and lifts.


Personal Trainers & physiotherapist love using resistance bands.

Not only compact in size and not much to investin, the resistance bands unlocks an ultimate possibility for a highly customized session specifically tailored for clients.


The lightweight bands are great for beginners and occassional trainers with less muscle strength.

General applications include in band-assisted stretches, muscle tonings, posture corrections etc.



A Wide Range of Applications

METEOR Essential Resistance Bands fills the gap of your free weight and equipment training and is a great set for your mobile training arsenal.

Featuring Lightweight and durable natural latex bands to carry and train anywhere at your convenience.

With the five bands at different resistance level, and the attachments in the set, users can unlock hunders of combos to suite various workout scenarios.

Whether you are a general exercise looking to add some challenge to your routine training, a private instructor trying to develop more customized workouts for your clientele or a physiotherapist offering rehab sessions for your patients, this is an excellent option for your to consider.










Door Anchor for Home

The door anchor is a great alternative for home exercises if you don't have a pole to tie your bands onto, or you don't want to stain your white walls.

Tuck the foam head on the edge and close the door to quickly set up a door anchor.

Foam-Padded Ankle Straps

A simple, quick-attach ankle strap for any variety of leg curls (standing, seated, lying), as well as glute work, straight leg extensions, or focused rehab work.

Wraps securely around the foot. Now comes with foam padding inside for added comfort.

Hex-Grip Dual Handles

The hex-grip handles allow you to finish your workout with precision by allowing users to perform pull and press with correct angles thus better muscle stimulation.

Storage Bag & Workout Manual

The classic Meteor Black Storage Bag for all meteor accessories. Save you the hassle to roll and tide the resistance bands in place.

Also comes with a manual that records some popular band-assisted exercises.




Brand Meteor For The Winners

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