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METEOR Essential Open-Ended Resistance Straps

METEOR Essential Open-Ended Resistance Strap are easy-to-use, convenient, portable, and are an effective alternative to free weights and weight machines. They can be used in the clinic, at-home, or on-the-go.

Featuring an open-ended design to distinguish itself from the classing resistance loop sets, and suits a wider range of workout scenario.

Tie both ends together and use it as a resistance loop, or simply leave it open to use as a flexible strap.

*Available for purchase in sets or single pieces:

  • Single Piece : Pink // Blue // Off-White // Light Grey // Dark Grey
  • 3PCs Set : Lite (Blue/Pink/Off-White) or Heavy (Off-White/Light-Grey/Dark-Grey)




Exercise & Workout

Fills the gap of your free weight and equipment training and is a great set for your mobile training arsenal.

Whether you are a general exercise looking to add some challenge to your routine training, or a professiona lathlete seeking for a refined workout, this is a great choice for you to consider.

Group & PT Session

Personal Trainers love using resistance bands.

Not only compact in size and not much to investin, the resistance bands unlocks an ultimate possibility for a highly customized session specifically tailored for clients.

Rehab & Physical Therapy

The open-ended resistance straps are probably the most popular choice for physiotherapists.

Overall user-friendly resistance levels, 2000mm extra length, open-ended design etc. means that they can be used to tailor a wide range of recovery programms for patients.



A great addition to your mobile arsenal

Compact in size, easy to replace, and unlimited versatility, a full package of the straps can easily meet the need of multiple athletes.

  • *Please avoid using the band on sharp edges/rough surfaces and use within the recommended resistance range.
  • * If you need to cut the strap into different length, please use a sharp tool and make sure the cutting is sleek without any fractions.

METEOR Essential Open-Ended Resistance Straps

Resistance Level for each color


  • Pink : 1.3kg Resistance @100% Stretch // 2.0kg Resistance @200% Stretch
  • Blue : 1.7kg Resistance @100% Stretch // 2.5kg Resistance @200% Stretch
  • Off-White : 2.1kg Resistance @100% Stretch // 3.0kg Resistance @200% Stretch
  • Light-Grey : 2.6kg Resistance @100% Stretch // 4.5kg Resistance @200% Stretch
  • Dark-Grey : 3.3kg Resistance @100% Stretch // 5.0kg Resistance @200% Stretch


  • Progressive Resistance Level - Feel your progress visually when you move up to the next level in color
  • Open-Ended Design - Use the strap normally or tied together as a loop
  • Wide Range of Application - Strength Training, Muscle Toning, Stretching & Post-workout Relaxation, Rehab &Therapy, Yoga, Pilates and much more
  • Compact Sizing - Ultra Lightweight, can be folded or rolled-up to fit any bags & pockets





Natural Rubber

NATURAL LATEX are chosen over the cost effective recycled plastic as the material of our resistance bands, offering an excellent and consistant elasticity.

Multiple Colors

Available in five colors to suite users with different preferences. Also work as a visual resistance indicator that allows you to quickly identify the right band for your exercise.

Excellent Resistance

Each open-ended resistance strap measures 2000 x 150 mm in size and can be extended to a maximum of 200% of its length to deliver a progressive level of resistance.

Compact Size

Ultra lightweight and can be folded/rolled-up to palm size to be fitted anywhere from a jacket pocket or a gym bag.


  rbtbrt ergwrevwerc GR5RER EBTEV hrsny thrret
  METEOR Essential Power Bands METEOR Essential 11PCs Resistance Set (Olympics) METEOR Essential 6PCs Resistance Loop Set METEOR Essential Fabric Hip Bands METEOR Essential Open-End Flat Resistance Bands (Lite) METEOR Essential Open-End Flat Resistance Bands (Heavy)
Level of Resistance 5 5 (combos not counted) 6 3 3 3
Application Full Body Full Body Full Body Lower Body Full Body Full Body
Material Natural Latex Natural Latex Natural Latex Fabric + Natural Latex Natural Latex Natural Latex
Portability Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent


Brand Meteor For The Winners

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